Josette has created what is nationally known as one of the largest daily attended Zumba Fitness classes in the world.  Since 2013 Josette has traveled the planet speaking to thousands motivating and inspiring them to new levels of their career.  She's spoken as a presenter for Zumba Fitness at the 2013 Zumba Instructor Convention, in front of nearly 10,000 Zumba Instructors and at the Los Angeles Conference at the Staples Center both in 2014 and 2015.  She was recognized by Zumba as an inspirational leader.

Josette is a tireless and passionate advocate in the community of Santa Barbara using her enormous global reach to tip the scales of good-will. She supports many local charities and hosts many events.  Some well-known events include the annual Zumba for SBDI (Santa Barbara Dance Institute) which is a non-profit working to bring dance education to the community’s public schools.  She also works with Santa Barbara Dance Works, and has raised thousands of dollars doing charity Zumba Events for the American Heart Association, the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara and the United Way.  

She spent part of her childhood in Haiti and still has family living there. 


Winding down the foothills of Santa Barbara is an open road that delivers Jason Campbell and The Drive…There, three musicians crafted a musical intersection of rock, country, and funk that resulted in a sound that is uniquely their own. Although their sound is difficult to define (one reviewer seems to have gotten close with “wooden groove music”) it is undeniably accessible and infectious. The originality owes in no small part to the organic genesis of this band. The soon-to-be band mates were friends and neighbors on previously independent musical journeys, but they discovered an undeniable synergy while jamming in the hills they called home. They soon decided to commit to this new sound, and Jason Campbell and The Drive had taken root. The friendship and musical odyssey continues, and Jason Campbell and The Drive has emerged as a staple of the Santa Barbara music scene where they energize audiences with 60+ shows annually.

California duo Carly (ukelele) and Bethany (percussion) are The Brambles.  A Young female duo inspired by Americana Folk ballads and toe tapping tunes.  Friends since high school their musical kinship developed when they were brought together by their mutual passion of euphoric acoustics in unusual places. In 2014 they made it official and began their passion of yelling harmoniously in public. In 2017 the Brambles released their first studio EP "The Brambles Greatest Hits"


Musical influences: Head and the Heart, Janis Joplin, The Civil Wars, Etta James, Bob Dylan, Alison Krauss, The Everly Brothers, Kate Nash, David Bowie, Billie Holiday. Shared interests-sandwiches, cats, whales, honey, bubble baths, whiskey in a jar,  good red wine.


THE BRAMBLES HAVE OPENED FOR: John Doe, The White Buffalo, Lissie, Timmy Curran, Brian Wright, Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), Emy Reynolds, Mimi Gilbert.

AND HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF PLAYING: The Lobero, The Alcazar Theater, Hotel Cafe, Hotel Utah, Topa Topa Folk Fest, Soho, Presq'uile Winery, Cold Spring Tavern, Santa Barbara Summer Solstice, Santa Barbara Earth Day, various wineries and breweries up and down the west coast.


Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Matthew Doohan now fronts the Seattle-based rock band, Fortress of the Bear. He’s known for his soulful vocals.