About Us

Noemi Mimi Doohan, MD PhD

is a family physician and educator from California who has been engaged in humanitarian volunteer work in Haiti since 2011. She first became involved in the Reveil Matinal (RMOF) girl's Orphanage when she moved from Santa Barbara to Ukiah, CA in 2015 and met the founders of the non profit, Hearthstone Village, which supports the RMOF Orphanage. She got a grant from a Santa Barbara family foundation to fund a project to provide ongoing primary care for the orphan girls and made her first trip to the RMOF Orphanage with Michael Landecker, Dr. Neubert Phillipe and leaders from Hearthstone Village in 2016.  Through this work to provide primary care to orphan girls, the transitional housing needs of the young ladies graduating from the orphanage became an urgent calling for Mimi, Michael and Neubert. And thus, together with RMOF and HV--the Maison des Jasmins was born.


Mimi has also been involved in several other projects in Haiti focusing on maternal-child health and bi-directional faculty development of family medicine educators. She is the co-founder and director of a new Ukiah based Family Medicine Residency Program sponsored by Adventist Health Ukiah Valley and UC Davis, which includes a Street Medicine Program that provides a “classroom without walls”. She is the founder of Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine, one of the most successful such volunteer programs in the Western United States.

Michael Landecker

first met the young women of Reveil Matinal orphanage in 2015, when Dr. Doohan brought him along on a medical trip to vaccinate the girls. Ever since, he has been committed to making sure these incredible young women don't end up on the street. He most recently returned to the orphanage Dec '18, to create these videos.  He is now based in San Jose, Costa Rica working as an international director for Global Leadership Adventures, a company that brings teenagers on service trips around the globe, teaching them how to be responsible humanitarians. 

Dr. Neubert Philippe, MD

is a Haitian-American Family Medicine Specialist, Medical Educator, and Global Health expert based in Bayshore, NY. He has been involved with the health care of the girls for the past three years, and will continue to provide care and support to the young women of Maison des Jasmins.